Andi Weis

User Experience And Design Creative Lead at The University of Melbourne

Direct Report while I was Digital Channels Manager.

Andreas weis

It’s rare that you come across standout visionaries like Paul. I have had the pleasure of reporting to Paul as my manager for over two years at the University of Melbourne. During that time we worked on many projects together and Paul tirelessly pursues the creation of a great online experience for users. Several high profile web projects we’ve worked on together were only possible because of Paul’s leadership.

I was particularly impressed by Paul’s holistic approach to improving the customer experience while also ensuring that business needs are met. His ability to design and build websites enables him not only to come up with brilliant ideas, but also to understand possibilities and technical boundaries. That makes him exceptionally great to work with from a designer or developers point of view.

As a manager, he excels at keeping the team spirits high and often identifies (and solves) problems before anyone else even notices. No matter how tense situations become, his positive energy makes sure that everyone leaves with a smile.

Any employer who needs a true digital visionary for their products, strategy or team lead would be lucky to have Paul on board.

5 out of 5 stars!