Anne Shea

Marketing and Communications Manager (Student Recruitment) at The University of Melbourne

Direct Report while I was Web Marketing Director.

Anne shea

Paul is hands down the most inspiring manager I’ve yet worked for. He’s imaginative and energetic, always full of brilliant ideas for improving the customer experience. More unusually, he has the skill and practical nous to bring his ideas to life. 

As his report, I can be sure that he’ll always take the time to understand what I’m trying to achieve and what I need to bring that to life. He’ll represent my team's ideas and capacities faithfully when ‘managing up' - not a quality to be underestimated. He’s trusted us to work autonomously to ambitious KPIs, not clocks, and supported us as we’ve taken some pretty out-there risks (which have all, so far, paid off handsomely). He’ll always challenge us to think bigger whenever we get bogged down in the day to day, and really shines at making complex digital problems seem simple. 

As a result, in just the two years I’ve known him he’s grown our team into what is probably the most able social/web team in the University sector - an ambitious, high achieving group that’s tight both professionally and outside work hours. 10/10, would work for again