Building the Up website

August 2023

As a digital bank, Up relies heavily on it's web presence to let people know what it is and how it's different. Over the last few years, and somewhat atypically for a Head of Marketing, I've had the great pleasure of working alongside our brand team, Andy Carson and more recently Marley Greer, to do the front-end development of some truly unique web pages. Primarily using Gatsby and React, we've created a really great site that converts a phenomenal number of people through to download of our app. To preserve this work, I've created video recordings of a small selection of these pages for you to enjoy, along with a short description of each.

Up homepage front-end development

Easily the most complex page on our site, I was responsible for the lions share of development of the primary Up homepage. Fully responsive across all devices, the absolute positioningĀ and sizing required to pull off this design across breakpoints made this particularly challenging, but really rewarding to complete.

Visit the Up website

Maybuy feature page front-end development

Maybuy is the Up alternative to the buy now, pay later plague. It allows Upsiders to save for something (in four parts if they choose) as opposed to deciding to buy it on credit. A modern riff on the old concept of Laybuy, once they've finished saving they can then choose if they may or may not buy the item. Representing the initial consumerism overwhelm many people face when they go shopping, and the comparative calm and order that Maybuy brings, this page was amazingly complex to put together with about a billion elements working in concert. It uses a bunch of animated lottie files, SVGs, and CSS animations. The heading, along with the CSS chevrons that divide the page were excellent fun to put together, as was the rotating list of Maybuy items.

Check out the Maybuy page live

Up Home website development

Up home is Up's home loan offering. It has many unique features, not least of which is that Up also helps you save for a home using Home Deposit savers (another page I built). Andy Carson did the heavy lifting on the Indicator slider (check it out)!. Copy by the ever talented Anne Shea.

Visit the Up home site

2up feature page front-end development

2Up page is the Up equivalent of joint accounts, but it's oh so much more. I did all the front end development for this site, with the exclusion of the pinball machine which was tackled by the lovely Jon Meyers. Copy by the talented Anne Shea.

Visit the live 2Up page

Spending trackers

Spending trackers are a feature that help you understand how you're "tracking" towards various limits you set to spendingĀ categories (like "groceries").

Visit the budget trackers page

Slices front end development

Slices makes it easy to slice the bill for a night out with you mates. This was a fun page to build because it had a particularly unique design and was one of our first fully custom feature pages.

View the Slices page live