AvatarHi I'm Paul.

I am a maker...
and a manager.

Nice to meet you.

I am passionate about the web, green energy, sustainability, being a great dad and making the world a better place. Drop me a line or give me a call (0411 148 721) if you think we could work together.


I am the Head of Marketing at Up where I use my skills to help Australian's turn their money into a source of empowerment.


I live in Kyneton, Victoria where I am learning to be a good dad, track my energy usage, grow my own vegetables and do practical things like small building projects, gardening and tinkering with my raspberry pi.

Personal projects

Pottering I'm particularly proud of (and which show I'm one determined mofo).

Some of my best work

I invite you to explore a few hand-picked case studies which I feel demonstrate the quality of my work.